H&a ep 190
Stacey Macklin is frantically searching for her brother Brett Macklin along the beach. Celia Stewart and Ailsa Stewart clash over how to run Hogan's Store. Stacey finds Brett and takes him back to the Macklin office. He is warpped in blankets and given a coffee. Steven Matheson, Carly Morris and Bobby Simpson hatch a plan to try and nail Gary Samuels. Having found Brett and saved him, Gary Samuels calls in a favour when Stacey offers him one. He says that people have their doubts about him and he wants to prove them wrong. Brett says he did swim out but changed his mind and worried he would drown, or hoped he would get picked up by a ship and end up in America. The next day, everyone is pleased that Gary did a good deed and saved Brett from drowning. Brett decides it is time to move on from Summer Bay, he wants a clean break and says he is going back to "The City". He packs his bags and says goodbye to Stacey. Ailsa hears some alarming news that Celia is selling the shop to Stacey Macklin. Ailsa confronts Celia and she says an offer has been made. A still fuming Ailsa then confronts Stacey saying she will be buying into a lot of trouble if she buys off Celia. Stacey then retracts the offer. Carly and Stevo check the tape recorder and it works.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Greg Haddrick

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 189 (6 October 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 191 (10 October 1988)Edit


Last appearance of Brett Macklin until Ep 3949 (28 Apr 2005). This is one of the longest gaps between appearances of a minor character in the show who was played by the same actor.

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