H&a ep 186
Walter Bertram is staying at Donald Fisher's house. it is 4 days since he was found. Alison Patterson makes some nasty comments to Walter and is thrown out of Celia's Store by Colleen Smart. As Don and Bertram are talking at his house, someone throws a brick through the window. Don lies to Walter to protect him, saying it is do do with him not Walter. Alison sends a message from her sister Kim Patterson, a friend of Sally's, about the John Farnham concert. Alison then invites herslef into Summer Bay House to see Sally and says she will buy them off Sally if she cannot go due to being underage. Sally was going to give them to Frank Morgan and Bobby Simpson. At the concert, Bobby and Frank attend it. They amage to get to the back of the stage after the concert to introduce thesmelves. They mention Sally. John wants it to be a secret that he is coming to Summer Bay or the press will have a field day as will everyone in the bay. Tom Fletcher gets a call from Frank to say John Farnham is coming to see her at Summer Bay. Pippa Fletcher has an idea to help Walter, involving John.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer -

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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