H&a ep 181
Brett Macklin and his baby daughter Martha Stewart book into a hotel in Melbourne, Victoria. Brett speaks to a snotty receptionist and books $40 for a night. Lance Smart and Martin Dibble invite 2 girls round. Brett Macklin hands himself in, he is at the end of his tether. Alf Stewart, Roo Stewart and Ailsa Stewart are offered a lift to the airport by Bob Barnett for the next flight to Melbourne. He picks them up. Celia Stewart, left alone at night at The Stewart House, prays the baby is OK. Alf Stewart is angry to see Brett at the hospital and fles off the handle but Ailsa calms him down to let Brett and Roo talk. Roo says the baby counts now, and they know what they should do.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Alison Nisselle

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 180 (23 September 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 182 (27 September 1988)Edit

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