Carly Morris and Bobby Simpson get re
H&a ep 171
ady for their upcoming exams. Stacey Macklin arrives at Summer Bay caravan park looking for her brother Brett Macklin. Lance Smart says he has invested $100'000 into The Macklin Group. He tells her Brett is staying at No 15. Stacey says Brett is either in our out of the Macklin Group. She takes some files off him and drives away. The girls all take their exam. Donald Fisher says they have 30 minutes to complete the exam. Stacey and Frank Morgan make an idiot out of Lance and Martin. A drunken Brett turns up at the hospital looking for his daughter Martha Stewart. He is challenged by the same nurse who challenged him the other day, she hears he said he wants to see his daughter. She reminds him he said he was nothing to do with the baby the other day. She threatens to call security and Brett leaves, after calling her a jobsworth. At the school, after the exam, Donald Fisher sees a folded up piece of paper on the floor under where Bobby was sat. He summons her to his office and says he has marked her chemistry paper as zero. The standard mark at this school for cheats.


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Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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Carly Morris jokes that there could be an earthquare in Summer Bay or the school may burn down. This can be classed as foreshadowing the bushfire of 1995 in which the school was burned down, and the 1996 earthquake.