H&a ep 168
Roo Stewart is having problems with her pregnancy. Celia Stewart says how she remembers when Roo's mother Martha Stewart had her baby. She still wants to see Frank Morgan. Celia calls Frank at The Macklin Group. Frank says he will be there as soon as possible. Gordon Macklin is curious to know why Roo wants to see an ex boyfriend but not the father of her unborn baby. Frank arrives, Roo's back is hurting a lot. The doctor gives her more morphine. Bobby sneaks out of class, Alison Patterson grasses her up and upon Bobby;s return she is in hot wather with Donald Fisher. The doctor says that Roo has given birth to a baby girl. Gordon is not happy, he wanted a boy.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer -

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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