H&a ep 162
It is Alan Fisher's will reading and tensions are running high. He leaves Bobby Simpson his old teddy. Morag Bellingham says to Pippa Fletcher that she saw Ailsa Stewart with a man the other day when visiting Alan in hospital. Colleen Smart and Morag bump into each other and Morag is not that pleased to he her, Hopeless Hickie, as was her school nickname. Donald plays the tape Alan left for him which asks him to scatter his ashes on the beach. Barbara Fisher says she is being transferred back to Sydney, "The City". Barbara packs her belongings. Donald says there has been too much fighting in the family. Donald hears of ALan's book "On The Crest of A Wave". Don goes to the beach and asks a surfer to scatter Alan's ashes and he reads an excerpt from Alan's book.


Main cast

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Writer - Jennifer Mellet

Director -

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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Final appearance of Morag Bellingham until Episode 241 (13 February 1989).