H&a ep 151
Roo Stewart baits Ailsa Stewart into hitting her after her argument with Alf Stewart. Ailsa almost does but holds back, seeing as she knows Roo wants that. Ailsa confides in her sister in law Barbara Fisher. Alf wallows in self pity at the liquor store. He has a few beers by himself. Narelle Smart reckons her aunt Colleen Smart is going through the change. Ailsa has left a letter for Alf but Roo took it. Ailsa says she left him a letter and it transpires that Roo took it when Alf denies he saw any letter. Roo says Ailsa hit her. Alf takes Roo's side. He compares her to what she did to her father Harold O'Rourke. Alf says he better watch himself around Ailsa in case he gets a knife through the shoulder blades. He reads the letter after finding it in the draw and apologises to her for what he said. Ailsa says she is leaving him anyway as she cannot live with someone who thinks she is a killer. She says she will get divorce proceedings ready.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Alison Nisselle

Director - Peter Andrikitis

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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