H&a ep 133
Due to Pippa Fletcher being rushed to hospital, the rest of the Fletchers and co do not see the letter until Sally Fletcher reads the letter. Matt Wilson rushes to tell Sally and Bobby Simpson that Carly is leaving for good. For the second time in a week the bus is pibbed and asked to stop as it is driving towards the city. Bobby asks Carly to get off the bus. Alan Fisher comes to school in a womans uniform to annoy his father Donald Fisher. Carly returns to Summer Bay House. She is met by Tom Fletcher who has come back from taking Pippa to hospital. Carly cries. Fisher turns the joke back on Alan by providing him with a ladys hat to complete the ladys uniform he is wearing. All his classmates laugh. 3 days later, Carly puts a rope down the bedroom floor of her and Bobby's bedroom telling her to keep her stuff to her half. Carly watches herself on TV and finds that her father has passed off her modelling photos as Samantha to make Samantha look better. Carly says they both wore the same clothes during the shoot yet only Samantha's got on TV. All the other residents of Summer Bay watching it on the TV's are laughing, especially Bobby Simpson. She is unhappy.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Dave Worthington

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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Next Ep Episode 134 (21 July 1988)Edit

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