H&a ep 130
Neville McPhee gets chatting with Tom Fletcher and says he saw Carly Morris with a suitcase heading towards the bus stop. Tom quickly rushes out. He thinks she is doing a runner. He gets to the bus stop and sees a bus drive off. Tom goes after it, manages to pib the bus sdriver to stop but when he looks, he does not see Carly and apologises to the driver. He phones George Morris who says Carly is in the city doing the film. Bobby Simpson and Narelle Smart visit Frank Morgan at the flat adjoining Hogan's Store. Brett Macklin and Frank agree to a truce. Alf Stewart does not know Frank has Narelle and Bobby visiting him. Alf is keen to invest in the Macklin empire. George Morris has phoned the social worker Miss Molloy saying Tom has threatened to hit Carly and one time barricaded her in her room. He and later on, Steven Matheson say that Carly has been troublesome recently. Tom later phones Miss Molly to say that carly is no longer welcome at Summer Bay House and to find her another foster home.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Jennifer Mellet

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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Next Ep Episode 131 (18 July 1988)Edit

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