H&a ep 10
Tom Fletcher and Pippa Fletcher are told that Eric the dog may not pull through and if they did operate, his chances of survival are slim. It could also cost $600. Tom and Pippa decide to put Eric down. Sally Keating comforts Eric after he is euthanised. Later on, she tells Lynn Davenport that Tom and Pippa decided to put Eric out of its misery. As Lynn was growing attached to the dog, she blames Tom and Pippa. She then storms round to Donald Fisher's office and accuses him of poisoning the dog. Don says she will be suspended if she speaks to him like that again. Frank Morgan pays Steven Matheson to do the study for Roo Stewart so him and Roo can spend time together. Late that night, Lynn packs a bag and leaves in the middle of the night.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Greg Stevens

Series Producer John Holmes

Exceutive producer Alan Bateman

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