H&a ep 100
Tom Fletcher and Frank Morgan are surprised to see each other at the interview. Frank goes for the interview as a clerical assistant for the warehouse. He is interviewed by Harry Middleton. Hazza interviews Tom who says he was a sales manager when he worked in the city. Frank worries that Harry did not like him much. Roo Stewart feels the baby kick and Celia says it cannot do as she is only 2 months gone. This alarms Bobby as she works out from a book that babies dont start kicking until 12 weeks in. Bobby tells Ailsa Stewart that babies never start kicking until at least 12 weeks in and that Frank and Roo never had sex before she left for the city, which was 9 weeks ago. Bobby thinks Roo is lying about how far gone she is and the baby cannot be Frank's. Ailsa says that Bobby could be in big trouble if she blabs and it is all wrong. Bobby says she will let everyone know what a slag Roo is before she marries Frank.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Greg Haddrick

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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Next Ep Episode 101 (6 June 1988)Edit

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