H&a ep 423
Emma Jackson and her friends still keep coming to Summer Bay High School dressed as punks. So headmaster Donald Fisher turns up in punk clothing himself and gives a speech. He then insults Emma for what she wears. She snaps at him to get off her back. Don says they can come back after lunch as the class is dismissed.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Dave Worthington

Producer John Holmes

Executive producer Des Monaghan

Prev Ep Ep 422 (24 Oct 1989)Edit

Next Ep Ep 424 (26 Oct 1989)Edit


All the upils in class are messing about and singing, some are in punk clothing listen to a rock song on the radio. We see the hand of a mysterious figure turn the radio off. He is wearing a punk like jacket.

Don: Well dont mind me, Lets get down and get right up again shall we

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