Duncan Stewart was an unseen character in Home And Away and was a former resident of Summer Bay. He was the father of Gordon Stewart and the grandfather of Alf Stewart and his 3 full sisters, Celia Stewart, Morag Bellingham and Barbara Fisher and Colleen Smart, Alf's half sister.


Duncan Stewart was born in Summer Bay in about 1885, the son of a Scottish immigrant called Angus Stewart who founded Summer

Angus Stewart
Character Profile
Birthday: C. 1870
Birthplace: Summer Bay, NSW, Australia
Father: Angus Stewart
Mother: Mrs Stewart
Spouse: Unknown Woman (c1910-??)
Children: Gordon Stewart (c1912), 1 other son
Occupation: Fisherman
Played By: Unseen

Bay in 1852. Duncan married in about 1905 and had 2 children, a son Gordon Stewart in about 1910 and another son later on in about 1915. Duncan was called into action in WW1 and was killed in about 1916, leaving his widow with 2 young children.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: About 1885

Died: About 1916

Full Name: Duncan Stewart


Father Angus Stewart

Spouse Mrs Stewart (c1900-c1916)

Children Gordon Stewart (c1910), Mr Stewart (c1915)

Grandchildren Alf Stewart, Colleen SmartMorag Bellingham, Celia Stewart, Barbara Fisher, Debra Stewart, Jennifer Atkinson

Great Grandchildren Roo StewartMaureen Evans, Lance Smart, Alan FisherRebecca Nash, Bobby Marshall, Owen Dalby, Quinn Jackson, Duncan Stewart

Great, Great Grandchildren Martha MacKenzie, Ric Dalby, Ryder Jackson, Bryce Stewart, Maggie Smart