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Donald Fisher in 1989 dressed as a punk to show up some pupils at his school.

Donald M. "Don" Fisher [1] or (Mr. Fisher or Flathead) as he was known by his pupils was a character in Home And Away from the first episode Episode 0 (Episode Pilot) (17 January 1988) in to Ep 3455 (28 Feb 2003). He returned briefly the same year and again in 2004 and 2005 before returning for a few months from July to September 2007, last appearing in Ep 4502 (11 Sep 2007). Originally portrayed as a corporate villain, vice princial to principal of Summer Bay High School, upon the death of his son Alan Fisher, Donald mellowed but still had a hard conservative edge. He was also the father of Bobby MarshallRebecca Nash and Byron Fisher. Don was played by Norman Coburn.


Donald Fisher
Character Profile
Birthday: 13th February, 1945
Birthplace: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Father: R.J. Fisher
Mother: Isobel DuPre
Siblings: Mary Croft, Clive Fisher
Spouse: Barbara Stewart (1969-1984), Marilyn Chambers (1996-2001)
Children: Alan Fisher (1970), Bobby Marshall (1970), Rebecca Nash (1973), Byron Fisher (1999)
Occupation: Vice Principal, School Principal, Retired (Since 2007)
Played By: Norman Coburn



H&a donnie young

Donald in 1970 (flashback in a 1989 episode)

Donald M. Fisher was born on the 13th February 1945 in Sydney, the eldest child of R.J. Fisher and Isobel DuPre. A brother Clive Fisher and sister Mary Fisher were born. Donald left school in 1961 aged 16 and attended university, for the next few years. He graduated and became a fully fledged teacher by 1965. In about 1965 he moved to Summer Bay where he became a teacher at Summer Bay High School. Donald met Barbara Stewart and they married in about 1968. Don and Barbara had a son Alan Fisher and a daughter Rebecca Fisher. In 1969, Don cheated on Barbara with her sister Morag Bellingham and Morag gave birth to a daughter Bobby in 1970. In the 1970s Donald carried on as a teacher, later being promoted to Vice Principal by 1978 and hoping to become Principal. Donald made himself quite unpopular with the locals at the same time, with his fiery and fearsome nature and often rude remarks to pupils and their parents. However Donald did used to soften when his pupils had any personal problems. In 1984, Donald cut all ties with his wife and 2 children. In 1985 Donald turned 40 and this year supported his brother in law Alf over his wife Martha Stewart's death. Also in 1985, Donald became a grandfather but never knew this for another 16 years. Alan had a fling with Anna Miller and they had a son Seb Miller in 1985. Around this time he expelled school delinquents Lance Smart and Martin Dibble. By the start of 1988, Don was more fearsome than ever.


In January 1988 Donald Fisher, a cor
H&a ep 34

Mr Fisher in his office at Summer Bay High School in 1988

oprate bully, welcomed the Fletcher family to the Bay but soon got off on the wrong foot when it transpired that he wanted local delinquent  Bobby Marshall jailed. Don was willing to stitch her up to get her sent to jail and also threatened the Fletcher family if they crossed him, saying he could make their lives hell. Don and Tom Fletcher crossed swords. Don was grotty to the students at Summer Bay High. He found that his son Alan Fisher was dying and when he died, Don redeemed and became a more mellow person. In 1989 Don found out that his mosted hated pupil Bobby was indeed his daughter from his brief canoodle with Morag back in 1969. Don was shocked at this but soon begun to accept Bobby. Emma Jackson and her friends came to school dressed in punk clothing to rebel aginst the school uniform. Their plan backfired when Don came into class dressed as a punk himself and gave a lecture on it and singled Emma out, saying it puts worth into a brainless existence.

In January 1990, Donald was framed for a murder of Shane Wilson and Don was hunting in the forest at the time. The ballistics expert proved that the bullet used to kill Shane did not match that of the gun Don had. Al Simpson later admitted to the crime and was jailed.


H&a ep 762

Don in 1991.

After the debacle about Al Simpson and Shane Wilson was over, Don soon found that Bobby was pregnant. In late 1990 Alan Stone was a new teacher transferred to Summer Bay High He was an alcoholic and abused pupils. Don soon had Stone transferred to another school. Bobby then had a miscarriage.

In August 1993, Don was devastated when Bobby died in a boating accident. Adam Cameron was riding the boat. Adam was lambasted by the residents of the bay.

In 1995 Donald's darker side, last seen in 1988, resurfaced again when he started to throw his weight around as headmaster at Summer Bay High. He got closer to Marilyn Chambers who was half his age. They begun dating and this shocked many of the residents of Summer Bay. Don and Maz married in 1996. But their marriage soon hit stormy waters when she suffered post natal depression after the birth of their son Byron Fisher. Don confided in Sam Marshall, saying him and Maz were a million miles apart now.


Don made a brief return to Summer Bay in 2004.


Don returned to Summer Bay in July 2005 for Alf's 60th. Don himself had recently turned 60. Don then returned to The Whitsundays.


In 2007 Dona
H&a flatty photo gallery

Don throughout the years.

ld Fisher returned to Summer Bay as he was desperate for money. He managed to blag a job at Summer Bay High again, and was now the employee of the lady he was once headmaster to, Sally Fletcher. Donald's old fashioned ways did not fare well so in September 2007, he decided to retire yet again, this time for good and he got the next available flight back to the Whitsundays, never to return to Summer Bay.

Since 2007Edit

In 2015, Don's ex Marilyn had amnesia after an accident and Don was contacted to verify or deny some of the memories Maz had. By February 2015, Don was now 70 years old.

In May 2016, Don had a fall and Alf went to see him.

Since 2007, Don has not visited Summer Bay.

Character creation and developmentEdit

Memorable infoEdit

Date of birth: 13 February 1945

Full Name: Donald M Fisher

Throughout the series, Donald's exact age has only ever been mentioned once, in 1995 when he turned 50. Until 1995, we never knew exactly how old Don was or when his birthday was but in the early years it was indicated that he was at least 45 or 46 in 1988 as he had been teaching for 25 years by 1988. Usually you start teaching at 21 or 22 so he must have got his degree in about 1963 aged 21 or more. But Don may have rounded up the amount of years he had been teaching though, as later on he said 23 years, making 1965 the year he started teaching. It was in February 1995 that we finally got to know how old the grumpy school principal was. Meaning he was born Feb 1945. But if he started teaching in about 1963, that would have made him a mere 18 years old which is unlikely. More likely he started teaching in 1965 aged 20. I am still in the opinion that Don was born February 1945. He is deffo menat to be younger than Norman Coburn who played him.

In Episode 84 (12 May 1988) Don and Alf talk about the events of 19 years before when he wanted to marry Alf's sister Barbara and Alf says he was only a couple of years old than what Frank and Roo are now, and Frank and Roo were 18 in 1988.

In Ep 1403 (16 Feb 1994) Don's father's initials are said to be R.J. F. Robert? Richard? Reg? Rex???

First appearance Episode 0 (Episode Pilot) (17 January 1988)

Last appearance Ep 4502 (11 Sep 2007)

First Line "Justice prevails, a perfectly executed citizens arrest" about Bobby.

Final Line "


Celia Stewart "Tom Fletcher was in Vietnam"

Fisher "Oh. (All Serious). Pushing a pen no doubt".

"It puts a feeling of worth into an otherwise brainless existence" to Emma Jackson about dressing as a punk.

All the pupils in class are messing about and singing, some are in punk clothing listen to a rock song on the radio. We see the hand of a mysterious figure turn the radio off. He is wearing a punk like jacket. It is none other than headmaster Donald Fisher, The Donster.

Don: "Well dont mind me, Lets get down and get right up again shall we? No doubt you all think I look ridiculous? Hmm?? Well do you or dont you?? (Wanting an answer. The class says "Yes" reluctantly). Yes you are quite right I couldn't agree more. Man my age walking round dressed like this. Its nonsense. Dressed exactly like you in fact. (Indicates Emma Jackson). Well why not? If this is what it takes to be an individual. If this is what it means to demonstrate the freedom we must have to lead our own lives then fine I'll do it. I couldn't care less how ridiculous I look. You see I believe in the freedom of expression as passionately as you do. Australia fought 2 world wars to safeguard this freedom, just so that you and I had the right to do anything we like. I do sometimes wonder though. Why? Why do we have to dress like this in order to make the point? Torn tattered jeans, dirty T shirts, jackets with chains and studs all over them. Look around you. Take a good look, go on go on. Its as much a uniform as the school uniform is. if this isn't the school uniform then what is? We all look exactly the same. Which rather raises the point I think. What is the difference between all of us wearing school uniform and all of us wearing punk clothing? Can anyone enlighten me? Emma, you seem to be a leader in these matters, maybe you can explain it to us?

Emma: There's nothing to explain.

Don: No I didn't think there was, not for a minute. You have never given it any real thought at all have you, why you dress like this?

Emma: I just like it. There doesn't have to be a reason.

Don: No there doesn't have to be a reason but there usually is. I think you do because it offends people, outrages them and you get some enjoyment out of this. It puts a feeling of worth into an otherwise brainless existence.


Don: Believe me Emma. I dont get any satisfaction from looking like this. Nor do I get any satisfaction from putting you down. Which is more than I can say for you. Right well I think we will cancel the rest of the lessons for this morning. Go home, get changed and be back here after lunch. Class dismissed.


Donald Fisher, a totally egotistic, vain man is what he was in the H&A early years, the local pillar of the community, a vice principal of Summer Bay High who looked down on everyone and would do anything to get rid of pupils he did not like.


H&a dozza on phone 1988
Flathead was quite the villain when the show began, and Robin Oliver from The Sydney Morning Herald even dubbed Donald Fisher as "Summer Bay's vile headmaster". In the first few months Don certainly was vile. He insulted Tom Fletcher about his army days, tried to implicate Bobby and even tried to get Nico Pappas locked up, plus he was just devious, not to mention snappy at everyone. He did start to mellow towards the end of 1988.


Father R.J. Fisher (full first names never revealed)

Mother Isobel DuPre

Siblings Clive Fisher, Mary Croft

Spouse Barbara Fisher, (??-1989) Marilyn Chambers (1996-2001)

Children Alan Fisher (1970), Bobby Marshall (1970), Rebecca Nash (1974), Byron Fisher (1998)

Grandchildren Seb Miller

Aunts/Uncles 1 aunt (mentioned in 1990), Sophie


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