Damien roberts

Damien Roberts, pictured in 1994

Damian "Damo" Roberts was a character in Home And Away from Ep 893 (6 Nov 1991) to Ep 1880 (15 Mar 1996). He was the youngest son of Irene Roberts and brother of Finlay Roberts and Nathan Roberts. Damo became firm friends with the rebellious Shane Parrish and was often led astray by him. In 1995 Damian moved away to university, returning for Shane and Angel's wedding. He later went on to train as a vicar. Damian was played by Matt Doran who has gone on to have a successful acting career.



Damian Roberts was born in 1976, the youngest child of Murdoch Roberts, aka Mud and Irene Roberts. He had an older sister Finlay Roberts and brother Nathan Roberts.

1991-1995, 1996Edit

Damian arrived in Summer Bay in 1991 with his alcoholic mother Irene, as a ploy to manipulate Finlay into returning home with her. Finlay had been taken in by Pippa and Michael Ross. Irene was a deeply unpleasant character at this time and was obsessed with trying to get one up on Pippa into handing her back. In the end, Irene accepted that Damian was better off living in the Ross household. He was fostered by Pippa and Michael and remained living there throughout his first stint in Summer Bay.

Damian enrolled at Summer Bay High School. In May 1992, Shane Parrish arrived and he soon became good friends with Damo. A bookish, sensitive type, Damian got good grades in school but never quite managed to have a girlfriend. He was bullied by fellow school student Peter "Tug" O'Neale; Shane and Blake Dean sorted Tug out. Damo often ended up helping get Shane out of trouble when latest dodgy schemes went wrong. One time Damo said "I have done my bit, now you are on your own".

Damien roberts dreadlocks

Damien during his dreadlocked poet phase

When he returned to Summer Bay in October 1995 for Shane and Angel's wedding, he slept with Selina Roberts. It was his first time ever with a girl and he very nearly became a father from the experience. Selina became pregnant but miscarried their child. Startlingly, next time Damien came to visit his mother, he was sporting dreadlocks and had decided to become a poet.

He came back to Summer Bay in March 1996 for Shane's funeral. He has not been back since, though Irene still mentions him occasionally. After inadvertently causing his no-good father's death, Damien felt somewhat lost. After talking with Selina, he decided to become a vicar. From typical teen to man of the cloth...

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1976

Full Name: Damian Roberts

In 1993, Damo did a great impression of his headmaster Donald, unaware he was stood behind him.

Despite being one of life's nice guys, poor Damian never managed to get the girl. Unless his one night stand with Selina counts for something...


Father Murdoch Roberts

Mother Irene Roberts

Siblings Nathan Roberts, Finlay Roberts

Aunts/Uncles Wendy McFarlane

Nephews Paul Roberts, Mark Roberts

Cousins Nelson McFarlane

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