Craig Dougall McLachlan (born 11th September, 1965) is an Austra
H&a grant mitchell

Craig McLachlan as Grant Mitchell, not the EastEnders one lol.

lian GOLD LOGIE award winning actor, musician and composer who played Grant Mitchell in Home And Away from 1990 to 1991. He previously played Henry Ramsay [1] in rival soap Neighbours[2]. Several viewers dubbed him as "The Henry Ramsay in Summer Bay", only difference is at least Grant did not walk naked round gardens lol

Neighbours 1987-1989Edit

Naybers henry mitchell

Craig as Henry in Neighbours.

Craig McLachlan joined Neighbours in late 1986 and his first scenes aired in February 1987. Henry Ramsay soon became a hit with fans. One famous scene was the Henry naked episode. In mid to late 1989, Craig left Neighbours and his last scenes aired in Novemebr 1989. Craig had accepted a role in rival show Home And Away.

Home And Away 1990-1991Edit

Craig began filming H&A in late 1989, straight after leaving Neighbours and his first episode as Grant debuted on the 13th February 1990. His character has been the butt of jokes due to his famous name, being compared with his namesake character in the UK Cockney soap EastEnders who likes to "get things sorted" with his fists, a far cry from this Grant Mitchell, a teacher. Craig left Home And Away in 1991 after over a year in the show.

After Neighbours and Home And AwayEdit

After leaving the 2 teenie soaps centred around hunky teens and fit babes, Craig had a big career. He had roles in Packed To The Rafters, Always Greener and American hit show NCIS.