Clive Fisher was an unseen character in Home and Away. He was the younger brother of Summer Bay High School principal Donald Fisher. He ran the oyster farm in Summer Bay.



Clive Fisher was born to R.J. Fisher and Isobel DuPre. He was the youngest of 3 children, his older brother Donald Fisher and sister Mary Fisher, later Croft.


In 1988, Clive Fisher was a owner of an oyster farm and employed local delinquents Lance Smart and Martin Dibble. He later sacked the two dimwits as they kept skiving off. 

As of 2018, it is not known if Clive is still living in Summer Bay.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: Unknown, about 1949/50

Full Name: Clive Fisher

It is not known if Clive married or if he had any children.


Father R.J. Fisher

Mother Isobel DuPre

Siblings Donald Fisher, Mary Croft

Nieces/Nephews Alan Fisher, Bobby Marshall, Rebecca Nash, Byron Fisher, David Croft, Lucinda Croft

Aunts/Uncles Sophie