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Chloe Richards.

Chloe Richards was a character in Home and Away from June 1995 (Episode 1723) to August 1999 (Episode 2677), with a guest appearance in 2005. She was briefly married to James Fraser, and was the mother of Olivia Fraser Richards. Chloe was played by Kristy Wright.





Chloe died after a car crash caused by a drunken Jesse McGregor after Alf Stewart's 60th birthday party.

Memorable infoEdit

First Line: "Oh, he came in but went out again. He didn't look too happy either, have you two had a blow-up? I was just saying to Emma, "It's probably something like that", not that it's really any of our business, but I mean, like, he really did look dark about something...If you don't wanna tell us..." (to Selina)

Last Line: "But you had to, Alf, you had no choice...Alf!"


Father Max Richards

Mother Maureen Richards

Spouse James Fraser (1999-2000)

Daughter Olivia Fraser Richards

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