Celia Stewart is a character in Home And Away who has appeared sporadically since Episode 7 (26 January 1988). She is the flighty younger sister of Alf Stewart and Morag Bellingham. Celia likes to make everyone elses business her business, as she was a staunch religion lady, she was always correcting everyone's ill's, though she was a gentle and delicate woman those love had passed her by. Celia is played by Fiona Spence, who played officer "Vera Bennett" in Prisoner. As she did not appear in the pilot episode she was not considered an original character, but appearing from episode 7, she was the first add-on to the original line-up, she provided a slight comic relief in between the regular drama's. Celia has not returned to the Bay in 5 years



Celia Stewart was born in 1951 in Summer Bay to Gordon Stewart and Sarah Jane S
H&a celia

Celia Stewart in 1989.

tewart. In the late 1960s Celia was engaged to be married but her fiancee Les Palmer was called out to war in Vietnam and was killed in 1971. She kept the engagement ring he gave her, and never got over the lose of her true love.


In January 1988, gossipy flighty Celia arrived in Summer Bay after some time away and was soon sticking her nose into other peoples businesses. She even formed a short lived band on the Variety Night in Feb 1988. The band was called Summer Bay City Rollers, a nod to the famous 1970s bubblegum pop Group Bay City Rollers.

Memorable infoEdit

Date of birth: 1951

Celia is said to be the 2nd youngest full sibling of Alf Stewart. Alf was born in 1945 and Morag Bellingham (nee Stewart) in 1941, 4 years before Alf. So Debra Stewart is probably Alf's next youngest sibling. Celia is said to be slightly younger than her sister in law Ailsa Stewart who was born in September 1950. Celia's year of birth is probably about 1951.

Unlike her other siblings, Celia has never married or had any children.

First Line: "Personally I'm not in favour of foster children, I know I certainly wouldn't take any on." (to Ailsa)

Last Line:



Father Gordon Stewart

Mother Sarah Jane Stewart

Siblings Morag Bellingham, Debra Stewart, Barbara Fisher, Alf Stewart, Colleen Smart (half, same father)

Grandfathers Angus Stewart