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Don Fisher and Ailsa Hogan in Celias Store. 1 Feb 1988. Then known as Hogan's General Store.

Celia's Store (Originally Hogan's General Store until 1989) was the original grocery store/cafe in Summer Bay. It was run by Celia Stewart. Ailsa Stewart, her sister in law worked as a shopkeeper there. The store also had a small cafe and seating area and was located near The Beach. The store was bombed by Dodge - (Brian Forbes) in April 1989. Afterwards, the store was moved to a newer and larger premises, Celia's Store (1989-1992).



In January 1988, Ailsa Hogan owned the store, known as Hogan's General Store and lived in the annexe next to the store. The store also had a small cafe which sold cold and hot drinks and snacks. Ailsa sold the store to Celia Stewart in 1988 and Celia renamed it Celia's Store. In 1989, Philip Matheson, the uncle of Steven Matheson, died in an arson attack when Dodge - (Brian Forbes) threw a petrol bomb through the front door. Philip died in the flames. Celia then merged with Alf's liquor store until the insurance settlement came in for a new store which they ran together.

Memorable infoEdit

The original store was demolished and it is probable the land has either been redeveloped or not built on at all, the land is just a few hundred yards to the right of Summer Bay Surf Club.



Residents of the living quarters of the shopEdit


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