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Carly Morris at Summer Bay High School in 1988

Carly Lucini (nee Morris) was a character in Home And Away from January 1988 (Pilot Episode) to May 1991 (Ep 758), followed by guest appearances in 1997, 2000, 2002 and 2008, last appearing in Ep 4609. One of the original characters, Carly was fostered by Tom and Pippa Fletcher. One of her major storylines was her rape in 1988. Carly had a bitchy side to her and sometimes manipulated people to get her own way. She mellowed when she met and married Ben Lucini. Carly was played by Sharyn Hodgson.



Carly Morris was born on the 14th November 1970 to George and Susannah Morris. Carly had a twin sister Samantha. George was dysfunctional, so after Susannah's death Carly was fostered out to Tom Fletcher and his wife Pippa, who lived in Sydney but moved to a sunny coastal town called Summer Bay, about 50 miles north of Sydney.


In January 1988, Carly and Bobby Simpson used to bicker a lot, seeing as they were both foster children of the Fletchers. Carly enrolled at Summer Bay High School. One day, Lance Smart and Martin Dibble were winding Carly and Bobby up so Carly released the handbrake of their truck, causing to to roll down the street and as Walter Bertram was reversing out, the truck smashed into his car. Bertram suffered injuries and pressure on the brain. Carly conned her father George into giving her money for the repairs. Later on, Carly hitchhiked home from the Pappas farm but was attacked. She kept the assault under wraps for ages and acted strangely. Carly became friends with several students at school but also formed some arch enemies such as Alison Patterson and Judith Staples.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 14th November 1970

Full Name: Carly Lucini (Nee Morris)

First Line "Yeah, but you see all those things on TV about older men losing their jobs, and not being able to get another one." (to foster father Tom, after he had just been retrenched from his job)

Last Line "Look, she's just a fraud, she can't wait to go. I'm gonna go round up Stevo." (to Sally and Miles)


While never a villain, Carly did portray bad girl tendencies in the first year since arriving in Summer Bay, although she had a very vulnerable side such as her regret over a prank going wrong, causing Walter Bertram to be hospitalised. And then she was sexually assaulted while hitchhiking.


Father George Morris

Mother Susannah Morris

Siblings Samantha Morris (Twin sister)

Grandmothers Ellen Morris

Spouses Ben Lucini (1990-)

Children Jordy Lucini, Michael Lucini, Phillippa Lucini

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