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Bobby Simpson in 1989.

Roberta "Bobby" Marshall nee Simpson previously Morgan was a character in Home And Away from the first episode Episode 0 (Episode Pilot) (17 January 1988) to Ep 1302 (17 Aug 1993), although she appeared as a vision to Ailsa Stewart in Ep 1709 (8 Jun 1995). 1993 was her last official appearance. She was one of the major characters in the early years of the show and was involved in many storylines, including finding out she was the daughter of Donald Fisher and Morag Bellingham and her marriages to Frank Morgan and Greg Marshall. Bobby went from rebellious teen, always getting into catfights with arch rival Alison Patterson, to a doting mature mum in her 5 years on the show. Bobby tragically died in a boating accident in August 1993. Bobby was played by Nicolle Dickson.




Bobby was born in December 1970, the illegitimate daughter of Donald Fisher and Morag Bellingham. She was adopted by Al Simpson and Doris Simpson. For years, Bobby never knew her true parentage. Bobby had a horrible childhood and later became a tearaway. In late 1987, she was fostered by Tom Fletcher, a foster father.


In January 1988, Bobby was a 17 year old tearaway teenager who was loathed by her vice principal Donald Fisher who unbeknown to each other, were father and daughter as Don once dated Bobby's birth mother Morag Bellingham. Don even tried to stitch her up into putting her in juvenile detention. Bobby enrolled at Summer Bay High School and formed a rivalry with fellow schoolgirl Roo Stewart and ended up whacking her in the face when she found Roo was blackmailing Ailsa Hogan in February 1988. Bobby was an arch rival of fellow school pupil Alison Patterson.

Bobby was loyal to Ailsa and her friends and often gave Alison Patterson some rough justice, which resulted in a few catfights between the two of them. Bobby dated Alan Fisher, son of Donald, both were unaware they were half siblings. Alan died of a brian aneurysm before they knew the truth. Bobby also had feelings for Brett Macklin, a member of the dodgy Macklin family who were rich tycoons. In February 1989 Bobby's arch nemesis Alison left Summer Bay and Bobby and her friends breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Bobby and Frank later married but the marriage was short lived. In 1989, Bobby found out she was the secret lovechild of Don and Morag, thus making her half siblings to Alan and also cousins, seeing as Bobbys mum and Alan's mum were sister. A tangled web those Summer Bay residents wove lol. In 1990, Bobby suffered a miscarriage. As she got older, her quick temper became less and less prevalent as she matured.

Bobby later dated Greg Marshall and she became the foster mother to his son Sam Marshall. They married. In 1993, Greg cheated on Bobby with Fiona Harris. She was a housekeeper to Donald Fisher. In the end the affair was exposed and Fiona ditched Greg and left Summer Bay. Bobby soon forgave Greg and they got back together.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: March or December 1970

Died: August 1993 (Aged 23)

Full Name: Roberta Marshall (nee Simpson)

Nicknames: Bobby


  • Even though Bobby died in a boating accident in August 1993, which was her last chronolgical appearance, in May 1995, she appeared in a ghost vision Ailsa Stewart had in Ep 1709 (8 Jun 1995) when she took some 6 year old anti depressants after she was attacked in the Diner. Ailsa was of course hallucinating and Bobby's ghost said to Ailsa that Alf loves her and does not want to hurt her.
  • Being Morag's daughter, Bobby is one of the many descendants of the Stewart family.


Father Donald Fisher

Mother Morag Bellingham

Siblings Alan Fisher, Rebecca Nash, Byron Fisher (all half, same father)

Grandfathers R.J. Fisher, Gordon Stewart

Grandmothers Sarah Jane Stewart, Isobel DuPre

Great grandfathers Angus Stewart

Spouse Frank Morgan, Greg Marshall

Uncles/Aunts Alf Stewart, Colleen Smart, Barbara Fisher, Celia Stewart, Debra Stewart, Mary Croft, Clive Fisher

Great aunts Sophie

First cousins David Croft, Lucinda Croft, Roo Stewart, Owen Dalby, Quinn Jackson, Duncan Stewart, Lance Smart, Maureen Evans


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