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Barbara Fisher.

Barbara Stewart (previously Fisher) was a character in Home And Away who first appeared in June 1988 (Episode 98) and appeared sporadically during the next year, with return appearances in 1996 and 2005. She was the former wife of Donald Fisher and sister of Alf Stewart. Barbara was played by Barbara Stephens in 1988, 1989 and 2005, and by Rona MacLeod in 1996.



Barbara Stewart was born in about 1946 in Summer Bay to Gordon and Sarah Jane Stewart. She went to Sydney to go to uni and while there she met Donald Fisher in about 1965. Donald and Barbara married in 1969. They had 2 children, Alan in 1970 and Rebecca in 1973. In 1982 the family relocated to Summer Bay and Don began teaching at Summer Bay High School. In 1984, Don and Barbara separated and she moved away, taking Alan and Rebecca with them.

1988, 1989, 1996, 2005Edit

In 1988 Barbara turned up in Summer Bay. She took up a temporary post as teacher at Summer Bay High School much to the dislike of Donald, and much to the laughter of several students, knowing it was their principals ex wife. She supported her son Alan during his brian aneurysm.

In 1996 Barbara returned. She had a darker side and tried to kill Donald.

In 2005 Babs returned for Alf's 60th birthday.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1946

Full Name: Barbara Stewart

First Line: "I'm well, thank you. I gather you got my letter?" (on the phone to Don)

Last Line: "Hello Alf. Happy birthday."


Father Gordon Stewart

Mother Sarah Jane Stewart

Siblings Alf StewartCelia Stewart, Morag Bellingham, Debra Stewart, Colleen Smart (half, same father)

Grandfathers Duncan Stewart Snr

Spouse Donald Fisher (1969-1988)

Children Alan Fisher (1970), Rebecca Nash (1973)

Grandchildren Seb Miller

Nieces/Nephews Owen Dalby, Quinn Jackson, Roo Stewart, Duncan Stewart, Bobby Marshall, Lance Smart

Cousin Jennifer Atkinson