H&a alan stone

Mr Stone, teacher from hell.

Alan Stone was a minor character in Home And Away in 1990. He was a teacher at Summer Bay High School who used to physically abuse pupils. ALan was the teacher from hell. Donald Fisher soon had him transferred from the school. Alan was played by Philip Hinton.




Alan Stone was an alcoholic teacher. He arrived at Summer Bay High in 1990 and soon his pupils were scared of his bull in a china shop ways. He abused the pupils and intimidated them. He even made a pass at old friend Jennifer Atkinson, cousin of Alf Stewart. Stone even bought back the caning and singled out Blake Dean and Karen Dean, even physically grabbing her. In the end, even the tough but fair principal Donald Fisher, after several attempts to calm him down, called him in his office and told him to leave and Stone was transferred to another school never to be seen again.

What became of Alan after this is unknown. Alan may have been sacked altogether from teaching.

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